New Orleans is now healthier for all, thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens and lawmakers who successfully established smoke-free public spaces—including bars and gaming facilities—in all of New Orleans.

Contact a city councilmember to thank them for joining the movement for a smoke-free New Orleans!

Clearing the air for all New Orleanians and visitors means:

  • 100% smoke-free workplaces for our beloved entertainers, bar employees and gaming facility employees
  • The elimination of the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure in all of the city's indoor public spaces

New Orleans represents the next big advancement for the smoke-free movement, and is the first major Louisiana city to go 100% smoke-free. New Orleans will now truly lead the way toward a 100% smoke-free Louisiana!

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Submit the email below to all councilmembers to let them know you support a smoke-free Louisiana.

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Make a Call

Whether you're a local resident or a visitor who wants to voice your thanks for a #SmokeFreeNOLA with a quick phone call—you'll find the contact information below. Be sure to leave your name and address.

Councilmembers Contact Information

Share Your Story

Exposure to secondhand smoke has impacted so many in New Orleans—let us know why you want to thank the council for their decision to Join the Movement for a Smoke-Free New Orleans.

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